Be Your Own Guru

Be Your Own Guru

22 Jul 08:00 - 28 Jul 08:00 - Montezuma
Montezuma, Costa Rica


Feel safe, calm, connected & surrounded by soul friends as you come into a strong, vibrant state of self-confidence, self-trust & inner knowing. Daily sacred healing yoga, guided meditations & attunements, a detox sauna protocol with sea salt scrubs and cold plunges plus fresh water, air and sunshine will restore & re-energize you from the inside out. Expect a LOT of love & laughter as you align with purpose, enhance your relationships & develop your fearless life.

Accommodation Details:
Beautiful cabinas await you, built on our Light Mother Retreat Centre on 13 acres of lush land in the beautiful ‘little pyramid’ mountains of Costa Rica.

Location Details:
We are located on the Southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, the famous 'Blue Zone', near the towns of Montezuma and Cobano. We enjoy fresh, rich mountain air with cooling breezes & warm tropical rain showers while incredible beaches and oceans are only 20 minutes away!

Costs are all inclusive except for transportation (getting here) taxes and tips
P/U from Tambor Airport is included
Airport & transportation options for getting here & info is all provided in your welcome package

Food Details:
The event includes all meals & beverages catered with love by our in-house chef.
Fresh, local foods taste incredible & most needs, eating styles & preferences can easily be met.
A food & beverage preference sheet is included in your welcome package to ensure your needs are taken care of so you can just relax and feel comfortable.

What to Expect:
A welcome package upon registering that includes a free half hour phone session with Kim Fenn, a selection of guided meditations / activations to use to best prepare you for your highest experience at the BYOG event & an information page on how to get here & what to bring plus a preference sheet detailing your food, beverage and any other needs so we can ensure your greatest level of comfort & relaxation throughout your experience.

Daily group sessions of Light Mothering with Kim Fenn - come into a strong, vibrant state full of confidence, self-trust & inner knowing as you discover & align with your deepest purpose, strengthen your relationships & develop your fearless life.

Daily Sacred Healing Yoga Practice including Guided Meditations/Activations, Breath Work & Spiritual Techniques to restore health, harmony & energy to your body, mind & spirit.

A one hour detox sauna protocol with sea salt scrubs & cold water plunges to enliven every cell.

Free time to soak up sun, relax and enjoy the pool.

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