Pura Vida Retreat

Pura Vida Retreat

03 Nov 06:00 - 09 Nov 08:00 - Chontales
Navina Costa Rica


Explore the magic and the earthiness of this beautiful jungle spot at Navina Costa Rica with us (Maryl & Robynn) over these five days of relaxation and reconnection with yourself and your very own, Pura Vida. Utilizing our skills in yoga, Rei Ki, Thai massage, fitness, and certified coaching, we aim to empower a group of women in one of the most bio-diverse classrooms in the world. The unique backdrop of the Costa Rican jungle has much to offer as we guide you on a path to discovery! Tap into that conversation in your heart, be it through meditation, prayer, yoga, or learning the art of trusting yourself.

7 nights accommodation at the centre
Daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared with fresh ingredients, many of which are grown right at the centre)

Daily yoga practice
1 x beach excursion
1 x inspired question one-on-one
1 x introduction to Thai massage workshop
Jungle hikes
Group reflection & empowerment sessions
Transportation to and from Palmar Sur for connecting bus or flight
Note: Your travel to and from the centre is NOT included.

We are really looking forward to sharing this Pura Vida retreat experience with you! We both find so much joy (and so many incredible life-lessons) when immersed in nature. The jungles of Costa Rica are the perfect vessel for us to share our education and skills in order to bring about positive personal evolution. It’s our mission to bring you the tools of compassion (for self and others), helping you move through the world with an extra set of skills to manage stressful situations effectively and positively impact the lives of many.

We have a wide variety of tools to share with you, ranging from coaching, nutrition and Thai massage, to fitness, Rei Ki and yoga. We want you to leave the jungle feeling rejuvenated, challenged, empowered and ready to take on the world!

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Yoga practice

Every morning we will start our day with a Vinyasa, Hatha and/or Restorative yoga practise, followed by a short guided meditation/reflection, connecting mind, body and spirit while inviting self exploration through the asanas.

Jungle Hikes:

Hiking through the jungle will get your heart pumping and make you sweat! At the end you can reward yourself by gazing at picturesque waterfalls and a feeling of accomplishment!

Introduction to Thai massage:

In this 4-hour taster course, you are introduced to the fundamentals of Thai massage. Through hands-on practice, you will learn a blissful 35-minute massage sequence, gaining first-hand experience in both giving and receiving Thai massage. Once you have learned the basics of Thai massage, you can share this beautiful gift with your family and friends. They will certainly appreciate it!

Inspired question one-on-one:

An opportunity to learn more about the Pura Vida lifestyle, how to balance giving and receiving in your life. This includes discussion and inquiry on life lessons in gratitude, tranquillity, and finding the sweetness in life. In addition, we will discuss the importance of attitude, goal setting, relaxation and stress management techniques and so much more!

Group reflection & empowerment sessions:

These discussions will take place in an interactive environment for the opportunity to share, care and grow, supporting our fellow women as we move mountains and continue to change the world! They will be ongoing throughout the retreat.

Past Events

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